Church of Stratum is a First-Person, non-horror, exploration, puzzle game about investigating the now abandoned bunker of a religious cult. Explore the Bunker and learn what happened to this place over 40 years ago.

The Church of Stratum Prologue is available for free now.

This project is currently on hold.

The end of times is upon us, we must cast aside this land and embrace the land of past times if we are to one day walk in god’s new world.

So goes the speech the Church of Stratum cult repeated every day, until they all suddenly vanished over 40 years ago.

But now by accident you have just discovered their now abandoned underground bunker, make your way through the dilapidated hallways and discover the mystery of what caused the death of the entire bunker.

A story driven puzzle adventure game with a spooky atmosphere that does not have monsters or threats to the player.