This project is currently on hold.

Room 23 is a First-Person, psychological horror, exploration game about working in a strange hotel. Clean rooms, deliver food and do other strange jobs whilst spiraling into the strange reality that is the Broken bottle hotel.

No job, no money, and soon, no home. Life is going horribly wrong and you need a miracle. That's when the letter is slid under your door, informing you your application to work at the Broken bottle hotel was successful. The strange part is, you never sent them an application. But it's your only choice and you will even be able to live at the hotel.

Now you have to take on the job of housekeeping, room service, porter and much more. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Strange things happen in this hotel and even stranger things reside in the walls. So many questions, but they all fall to the big one. What's inside Room 23?